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Whether you are looking to strengthen relationships, experience adventures, or create health, we exist to give hope and guidance for accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Our desire is to empower you to live a beautiful life, overflowing with treasured moments that inspires future generations to leave a Legacy of Joy.

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Creating a joy filled life is something that everyone can accomplish. With the encouragement, ideas and tools. In my book, “Life Is Sweeter with Honey,” you will see amazing results when you implement the learning.
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Creating Optimal Wellbing in your life is one of the most important aspects of health that you can pursue.  I truly believe that when you have a healthy body, mind and finances, you set the tone for a optimally healthy joy filled life.

“There is nothing worse than living life with regrets.”
“You know all of those things you always wanted to do? Go do them.”

life is sweeter with honey




As a parent, there is a heightened awareness that time flies.  One blink and kids are grown with families of their own.  Do you wish you created more memories, treasured more moments, had more joy in the journey?

Honey Beth Wiggs is an expert in creating a joy filled life.  Her transformation from morbidly obese to healthy living awakened a desire to cherish and enjoy life to the fullest.  She understands the obstacles that can prevent a family from a life sweetened with honey.  Life is short.  Live with no regrets, cherish each relationship and create memories now that will last a lifetime.

Life Is Sweeter with Honey provides tools and practical applications to awaken the dreams buried deep inside the heart of your family and be guided with fresh ideas to a clear action plan for a life filled with joy.  Through the pages Honey Beth Wiggs offers true to life tips on how to:

  • get over the hurdles to unleash your wildest dreams again
  • manage your time to create the freedom and adventure you crave
  • applicable tips to refocus your mind every time negativities sneak in
  • build and cherish strong relationships with your kids and spouse
  • live a lean lifestyle

about the author

Honey Beth Wiggs grew up in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC.  She met her husband in North Carolina and has called the Raleigh area home since 1991.  Honey Beth studied flute performance at Meredith College in Raleigh as a continuing education student, worked at Providence Baptist Church for 18 years as an administrative assistant, taught band at North Raleigh Christian Academy and was a booking agent for the Annie Moses Band, based out of Nashville, TN. Honey Beth considers it a blessing to assist with the bands annual Fine Arts Summer Academy and in July of 2015 she performed with the Annie Moses Band for a PBS Special taped at the Grand Ole Opry.

Honey Beth used to struggle with her health.  At one point in time she weighed 320 pounds.  She tried for 10 years to have children and finally was told by a doctor, “You are too fat to have a baby!”  Honey Beth found a wonderful optimal health program that allowed her to reclaim her healthhave energy and center her life around what matters most, creating a joy filled life.  Not only was she able to have two beautiful children, but also find a new career path.

Speaking Engagements

Honey Beth Wiggs has been in the public speaking arena for over 10 years. She has shared in groups of 10-50, as well has inspired large audiences of 500 -1000. In her career as flutist she has performed in front of thousands of patrons. Her ability to adapt to specific settings and circumstances is what sets her apart. Inspiring hope and sharing ideas for living life to the fullest have helped many create a joy filled life.